ECOSTRIP Ltd is the Soda blasting division of the N.A.Robson Ltd Blast cleaning Family

In 1988 Ecostrip began to distribute range of Soda Blasting Soft Abrasives in the UK & Continental Europe. By 1993 we had developed and manufactured our own range of Soda Blasting equipment, nozzles and SOFT Abrasives with the ECOSTRIP brand name. Our Ecostrip Soda and Calcium carbonate ranges

The N.A.Robson and Ecostrip family has grown and now manufactures it Full range of MULTIMEDIA Machine, moisture separators and Abrasive metering Valves and distribute all its Ecostrip range Worldwide

Our world-renowned PCV Major and MPC One body Minor Abrasive Metering valvesSoda blasting Major minor our Assembled and fully tested  in our facility in Blackpool and sold worldwide along with all our ECOSTRIP Soda blasting / Multimedia Machines.


The Major Valve is the Key valve to the Ecostrip Soda /Multimedia machine.

The Major Valve is a normally closed, self sealing, abrasive metering valve known for its instant, smooth response to the pneumatic deadman controls.

This fail-safe valve shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank at the same instant.

A remote abrasive cutoff is available, allowing the operator to stop the flow of media while continuing a constant flow of air.

This provides a quick and easy way to clear the blast hose and blasting area of abrasive.

The ECOSTRIP Soda Blasting systems are designed for ease of use by the operator, with minimal training.

ECOSTRIP Soda blasting is a wet/dry system with the control to turn the water and media on and off at the nozzle with the water and media control system.

The flow of abrasive is easily and accurately controlled by our MAJOR Abrasive metering Valve. As soft blast abrasives will not wear material, the unit has few moving parts and is easily maintained. The MAJOR Valve system also incorporates a special feature allowing the media control valve to be cleaned out in situ, without the need for dismantling or hand tools.

The unit can also be used with conventional hard abrasives, including Garnet without modification.