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The new name for the next generation of Depainting andDegreasing Equipment


The ECOSTRIP system can be wheeled from one location to another. This WET blast system is 100% air powered. When in place the unit requires dry compressed air, clean water and drainage facilities when using the soluable soft abrasive. Each unit is fitted with an integral air drier/filter as standard


The system is designed for ease of use by the operator, with minimal training. The flow of abrasive is easily and accurately controlled. As soft blast abrasives will not wear metal, the unit has few moving parts and is easily maintained. The abrasive control system also incorporates a special feature allowing the media control valve to be cleaned out in situ, without the need for dismantling or hand tools. The unit can also be used with conventional hard abrasives, including Garnet without modification.

Safety At Work

The ECOSTRIP system uses both soluble and non-soluble SOFT abrasives which have outstanding safety features in comparison to chemical or conventional abrasive cleaning methods. The soluble abrasive is a white non sparking food grade material. Water soluble, non toxic and withour combustion hazards,enabling the system´s use in hazardous duty areas where conventional systems are prohibited. The soluble abrasive can usually be flushed down a nearby drain into a standard industrial waste treatment facility.

The non-soluble abrasive is designed for use where cost per square metre is the primary consideration or in areas where the soluble abrasive is not suitable. Less protective wear is required, than with conventional abrasive blast cleaning, making the operator more comfortable and productive. Uses between 20 to 80 kgs of abrasive per hour. Significantly less quantities than conventional abrasive systems. The system can be used without plant shut down.

The ECOSTRIP system can clean rotating equipment without damaging pumps, motor bearings, seals or polished rods. Coatings can be removed one layer at a time perhaps where there has been a top coating failure. The system gives greatly improved finish and production rates compared with manual preparation techniques.


Where conventional cleaning methods – chemical, sandblasting, High Pressure water cannot be used or are ineffective. Using either soluble or non-soluble soft abrasives whichever is the most appropriate for each application.

General Applications

Graffiti Removal

  • ECOSTRIP removes: Contamination from machinery – Contamination from printing rollers – Carbon deposit from pebble dash coatings – Paint from ceramic or glazed tiles – Oil stains from concrete – Resins from stainless steel valves – Rubber from floors or road markings.
  • ECOSTRIP cleans: Aluminium ventilation systems – Interior and exterior water tanks – Electrical components (without water) – Asbestos roofing.
  • NOTE: Does not etch glass when used as directed. It is always advisable to check the suitability of the system for all applications prior to use.


  • Offshore and Refinery applications
  • Areas with sensitive equipment nearby
  • Cleaning stainless steel piping
  • Cleaning aluminium checker plate
  • Does not damage rubber, machined surfaces or seals
  • Weld inspections – no danger of crack closure
  • Food industry – where contamination is a problem
  • Paper and pulp industry – cleaning stainless steel
  • Stripping complete car bodies
  • Cleaning and degreasing engine parts
  • Removing paint from plastic parts
  • Depainting fibreglass composites
  • Depainting buses & coaches
  • Removing corrosion from aluminium
  • Motor vehicle industry spray booth hangers
  • Depainting railway carraiges and rolling stock
  • Aviation alloys
  • Removes Carbon from baking trays
  • Cleaning boats